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Earth Me 4mm Mat

Set your inner hippie free with the most earth-friendly yoga mat around!
100% natural rubber and jute with no glues or synthetic additives.

This beauty will biodegrade back into the earth where she came from.

Keep your conscience clear with no petrochemicals.

The jute and rubber offer excellent grip and the mat stays flat as you practice.

  • Care Instructions

    When you first purchase an Earth Me mat the rubber smell will be a little obvious so air it outside away from direct sunlight for a few days when you are not using it. The smell will dissipate given time.

    Don’t put your earth.me mat in a washing machine or submerge it in water.

    Use Tribe eco.clean mat cleaner or make your own solution of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Using a soft cloth, spot clean your mat as required and allow to dry naturally before storing.

    Harsh chemicals and scrubbing brushes should not be used on this mat as it is 100% natural tree rubber. She is tough but sensitive - a lot like you!

    Keep your earth.me away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. The back of a car or near a heater are not recommended.